In the Sky Castle of Crystal & Ice.

Somewhere in the sky castle of crystal and ice, walking in the sky castle of crystal and ice in victory as her silk robe trailed
and a ray of light shone threw an ice window. One step placed in front of the other, a tinkle of crystal windchimes from the outer
tunnel hall.
Her nails were pink and upon her toe a yellow gold ring. It had her lovers name enscrolled thereupon.
The gold ring was a gift. Her hair tossled down the sides of her body with an auburn shine. Her name unspoken yet in the world of the
olosis but it rang thick on the lips of her adored. This immortal walked with head held high and stood tall
a splendid thoroughbred companion aside. The Crystal and ice palace is clean, and yet from here and there are melted pools.
Fireflys tottle on the ceilings giveing of their light. The silk she wore is a pale pink and a plated silk belt intwined about
her waste. Within the walls a man nymph called to her but unfound he remained, around this corner around that she peered and never upon
did she stumble. She called back and he replied but never did they meet with beautiful face seeing beautiful face, only imagination
remained. Happy to hear another in the ice crystal tunnel halls, she walked proud beyond death.