The Frog’s hill.

The cooling wind whistled as it ascended up to the
raised hillic. The frog whooshed and jumped over
the gully aside.
Bounding after the wind the frog mounted quickly.
I will i will i will it panted.
I will reach the rise.
The dusk moon lowered closer to earth in its big
The fox sang out, you will reach the rise frog.
Finally the frog reached the rise and let out a cribbit.

update 10/8/15

So here we are looking at Snodding There is so much that has been composed impromptu, songs, graphics, cartoons and more. At this point, with conditions as they are I have been up the past 4-5 nights. There are jealous people who call me down which are called haters.

There is no way I wanted this site or Snodding Creative brand to be about that. We wanted to uplift fans and make them smile and present creative works.

Snodding Creative Youtube channel Update

So The Snodding Creative YouTube channel at now has 400 videos and counting. The video content ranges from music including chillstep, goa, house, dance, guitar, harpsicord, recorder, to also cartoons, vlogs, puppy stories and more. There are also some tutorials thrown in including a recent one advanced photoshop hotkey commands and a cute custom border creation technique.

The channel has been around since aproximately 2012 and currently has 240 subscribers. The subscribers seem to have stagnated so any new subscribers are very welcome. Snodding Creative often does a subscribe back for those accounts with a substantial enough subscriber base.